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As increasing numbers of patients turn to ERs for their primary source of care, today’s Emergency Departments are more overburdened and under-resourced than ever. Patients find themselves waiting longer for services while hospitals struggle to find beds for patients who need them. Symbiosis urgent cares offer a patient-centric solution to this growing and costly challenge.

Part of our integrated model for out-of-hospital care, Symbiosis urgent cares work seamlessly with our telemedicine services and ambulance transport to make urgent care more accessible, convenient, comfortable and faster for patients. Here’s how:

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Patient-Side Telemedicine

Our on-staff physicians and nurses have the ability to conduct teleconferencing via mobile devices with other providers and specialists to ensure patients receive the individualized care they need and to avoid unnecessary transports and admissions to hospital emergency rooms.

Reducing Unnecessary Transports

By equipping our ambulance teams with the most up-to-date technology, our teams are able to use telemedicine within the treatment of patients, with the expert guidance of a physician or specialist, right at the scene. In doing this, we’re able to determine if the patient truly needs to be transported for additional care, or whether we’re able to safely care for the patient on-scene. This saves costs for patients and insurance companies alike, while freeing up space in emergency departments for patients who really need emergency care.

Convenient Onsite Services

Patients receive all the basic care they need onsite at Symbiosis urgent cares, including imaging and labs. This minimizes the need for patients and family members to travel to another location and wait longer for care, x-rays, or lab tests.

Integrated Transport Services

For patients who do require transport to and from our urgent cares to other facilities or locations, our onsite fleet of fully equipped and staffed ambulances is ready to respond quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively.

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Quick Check-Ins

Our automated electronic check-in system makes checking in for urgent care easy, convenient, and quick. We also offer call-ahead and text-based scheduling for appointments, for shorter wait times and faster time-to-care.

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Patient Comfort

Symbiosis urgent cares redefine the patient experience with comfortable, attractive, and modern settings designed with the patient in mind. Patients and families are welcomed into a spa-like environment that immediately puts them at ease. Every staff member is trained to make patients and family members feel comfortable while addressing their medical needs.

Urgent Care Locations

Symbiosis delivers integrated out-of-hospital care across California. Wherever you or your patients are, we can be there to provide responsive, patient-centric and expert care.


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