COVID-19 Testing for Southern California Companies

COVID-19 testing helps reduce the risk of unknowingly exposing your organization to widespread sickness and shutdowns. Symbiosis is headquartered in Southern California to conveniently provide onsite testing services and multiple testing options to meet your unique requirements.

COVID Testing Services
With more than 30 years of experience providing mobile medical care at the largest and most demanding events across the west coast, we’ve learned how to create efficient, high-quality care for our clients. Symbiosis already has the medical and logistical expertise to help companies comply with the COVID-19 testing mandate, keep their work environment healthy and restore business activities.

We are certified in both types of COVID-19 tests (Rapid and PCR) and in vaccination services. We realize that no two companies are alike, therefore we design testing sites to specifically fit your needs and desired results. Our team is equipped to take on the largest of needs (thousands of tests a day) or the most intimate of gatherings (100 tests a day). We handle all the details to ensure your compliance is thorough and effective. Further, all Symbiosis testing sites are overseen by medical professionals to ensure that each test is administered and recorded with the highest level of accuracy. Should a PCR test be required, we partner with CAP Accredited Labs to assure reliable results.

Learn how to prepare for the mandate here

Let Symbiosis handle all your COVID-19 testing details so you can concentrate on your business.


Our RAPTOR (Rapid Advanced Prehospital Treatment Onsite Resource) is an industry-unique mobile medical center on 18 wheels. It is an urgent care unit that provides a full range of additional services for COVID-19 testing clients who have a large number of employees who need to be tested.

Onsite and Mobile COVID Testing Truck


Our RAPTOR (Rapid Advanced Prehospital Treatment Onsite Resource) is an industry-unique mobile medical center on 18 wheels. It is an urgent care unit that provides a full range of additional services for COVID-19 testing clients who have a large number of employees who need to be tested.

COVID Testing Truck
CLIA License for Symbiosis


It takes months to obtain a CLIA License as there are many steps to the process. A business cannot have a CLIA License unless they have an MD and meet specific criteria that ensures safe handling of PHI and adherence to HIPAA regulations. A CLIA License indicates that the company you hire is a professional firm that is experienced in this business.

Let Symbiosis demonstrate our proven expertise in service to your company.


COVID Testing at your Location


Symbiosis can bring all the people (medical and support), supplies (medical, testing kits, small refrigerator, sign in sheets, etc.), signage, and furniture (chairs, tables, etc.) needed to set up a comfortable and efficient testing site right at your location.

COVID Testing at Remote Locations


Symbiosis provides medical services throughout Southern California with physical locations in Menifee, Redlands, and Los Angeles. We can schedule COVID-19 tests and vaccinations for your employees at any of our physical locations.

Mobile COVID Testing Services


Should you have a large number of employees who need to be tested (i.e. more than 1000) and your location does not provide the space to conduct the testing, Symbiosis can handle the logistics of setting up a remote site for your testing and utilize our RAPTOR at the testing site.


15 Minute Rapid COVID Test

Rapid Antigen Test

Using a nasal swab to get the sample, this test detects surface virus proteins of COVID-19. Results are not as accurate as a PCR rest, but they are provided within just 15 minutes.

24-48 Hour Most Accurate COVID Test

Standard PCR Test

A PCR test can detect COVID-19 within days of infection and is the most accurate way of testing for COVID-19. Using a nasal swab to get the sample, this test is sent to a CAP Accredited LAB where genetic materials are analyzed and results are available within 24-48 hours.


Onsite Testing

Pre-scheduled date that is announced to your employees. We will bring all the testing supplies and safety equipment needed to safely conduct the tests.


Rapid Antigen results are available within 15 minutes. If a PCR test is needed/desired, results will be delivered within 24-48 hours.

Pre-Test Assessment

A quick evaluation is done for each person who is being tested.

Our Labs

We only work with CAP Accredited labs to ensure the highest level of accuracy.

Swab Process

One long swab will be put into each nostril to collect the sample and then be placed in a vile of liquid to be tested and/or sent to the lab.


In conjunction with our COVID-19 testing services, we are pleased to offer these additional services that can be added in as a way to take more “to dos” off of your plate while enhancing the overall health of your organization.


Symbiosis has COVID-19 Specialists who are trained to view your workplace through a COVID-19 lens to keep your employees safe and your operations running.

    • Workplace safety review
    • COVID-19 compliance with CDC guidelines/best practices as well as local and federal guidelines
    • HR partnerships and protocols


Symbiosis offers education clinics for your managers and/or employees to ensure that the COVID-19 information for which they are making decisions is accurate. There are many sources of information and, sadly, many sources are giving misleading (and some outright false) information. We’d like to help your staff make informed decisions from straight-forward and accurate information.

    • COVID-19 Curriculum
    • Vaccine Updates (stay on top of the latest information)
    • Booster information and updates (stay on top of the latest information)

Vaccination Clinics

Would you like to give your employees the option to be vaccinated?  Symbiosis can make that happen as a part of our ongoing relationship.


At Symbiosis, agility translates to on-demand access to expert medical care. We’ve been providing telehealth services since 2010 and are pleased to offer the option of telehealth consults for your employees.

Case Management

Symbiosis has the expertise to handle all the logistical steps that arise for those that end up testing positive for COVID-19. We have systems in place that will quickly and compassionately provide them information and reassurance. And we can be there along their journey back to health and help to ensure a smooth transition back to work.

    • Help for those who test positive
    • Quarantine recommendations
    • Medical guidelines/recommendations
    • Testing for potential contacts
    • Return to work planning


About Symbiosis

Have you provided onsite medical service prior to this year?

Symbiosis’ origins began on the racetrack. More than 20 years ago, our founder – an emergency physician – was pioneering onsite medical services at major racing and motocross events in California and Baja’s most remote and rugged regions. Since then, we’ve continued to provide medical services to large events and venues across the west coast.

Does your company have Doctors and/or Medical Professionals on staff?

At Symbiosis, we’re not just running a business, we’re advocating for better patient care and outcomes. As a company founded by healthcare providers, every member of our leadership team is a medical professional with extensive experience providing urgent and emergency care.

Is the COVID-19 testing lab you work with CAP Accredited?

We only work with CAP Accredited labs.

How long has your company been in business?

Symbiosis started providing services in 1989. We were created by healthcare providers with a passion for patient care and getting rid of procedural hoops for our healthcare colleagues who just wanted to care for their patients.

About the COVID-19 Testing

Is the test painful?

For most people, the nasal swab collection for both the RAPID and PCR tests isn’t that bad – meaning it isn’t something you’d want to do on a regular basis, but it’s not horrible.

How long will it take to get the results?

If a RAPID test is taken, you will have results in 15 minutes. If a PCR test is taken, you should have results in 24 – 48 hours.

Can I test positive if I don’t have symptoms?

Yes. You can test positive for COVID-19 even without having any symptoms.

What do I do if I test positive for COVID-19?

The very first thing to do is to breathe and know that you will be supported. The next thing is to follow the guidelines in the handout that will be given to you so that you are able to protect yourself and those around you as much as possible.

Will you tell my employer if I test positive?

The COVID-19 testing is not HIPAA protected so if there is a positive test that comes back, both the employee and the employer will be notified. If the test is a RAPID test, Symbiosis will notify the employee and the employer.  If the test is a PCR Test that has been sent to a lab, then it is most likely that the CDC will notify the employee and Symbiosis will notify the employer.

Does insurance cover the COVID-19 test for businesses?

At this time, several insurance companies have come out with statements saying that they will not cover the cost of the Federal Mandate that requires weekly testing for those employees who have chosen not to be vaccinated.