To fix what’s wrong in healthcare,
think outside the hospital.

Our healthcare system isn’t working. As increasing numbers of people turn to emergency rooms for their primary care, patients find themselves waiting longer and longer to see providers. The result is overcrowded waiting rooms, overburdened staff, and escalating costs. 

It’s time for a different approach. Symbiosis is reimagining care with innovative out-of-hospital services that encompass urgent care, telemedicine, ambulance transportation, and event safety in one integrated approach that drives efficiencies while improving the patient experience.

Urgent Care

Through our urgent cares, we’re giving patients quicker and easier access to top-quality care outside the hospital emergency room. Symbiosis currently operates urgent cares in Murrieta and Redlands with more to be announced in the near future. 

Ambulance Transport

Symbiosis provides fully equipped and professionally staffed basic life support (BLS), advanced life support (ALS), and critical care transport (CCT) ambulances across California. Focused on patient comfort, safety, and response times, our ambulance transport team works seamlessly together to meet schedules and exceed patient expectations. 

Telemedicine Services

To ensure the highest standard of on-scene care, our EMTs, paramedics and nurses use telemedicine onboard our ambulances, at events and in our urgent cares to consult with physicians and specialists in real-time. This allows patients to access medical expertise from any location and receive care without having to be transported. When additional care is needed, the patient can trust they’re paying for a medically necessary transport. 

Event Safety

Symbiosis delivers state-of-the-art event safety for many of the region’s largest festivals, concerts, motorsports events, movie shoots, and other venues. Symbiosis offers first aid stations, care centers, rescue boats and mini-ambulances staffed by EMTs, paramedics, nurses and physicians who provide exceptional care to attendees.

Healthcare evolves, so do we.

At Symbiosis, we’ve built our organization from the ground up to be responsive, proactive, and nimble. This is how we anticipate and adapt to the ever-changing healthcare landscape while helping our healthcare partners do the same.


Recently, famous engine builder, Terry Varner, collapsed in the Glen Helen pits at the REM race. Luckily, the medical crew attended to him right away, and even though it was touch-and-go, they loaded him in the ambulance and got him to the hospital in time. Thanks to the medical team, Terry survived. Terry had blocked arteries in his heart and suffered a major cardiac incident. Earlier this week, Terry underwent triple bypass surgery and, hopefully, is on the road to a full recovery.

Lori Bryant

General Manager Glenn Helen Raceway

Innovate, collaborate, and reimagine with us.